About Incontinence Evergreen International Group (EIGShop)

Types of Incontinence Products 

Products like pull-ups, diapers, and pads provide absorbency to protect from incontinence. Incontinence is defined as when someone cannot control their bladder or bowels. EIG carries a variety of incontinence supplies that come in all shapes and sizes to provide optimum comfort. Continue reading below to learn the differences and how to choose.  



Presto Plus Briefs

Briefs, also called Adult Diapers, feature re-fastenable straps allowing for readjustment and easy removal. This is the preferred choice by many seniors who have caretakers.




Supreme presto

Pull-ups feel and look the most like real underwear. They are easy to put on and remove by yourself.



Presto underpads


Underpads are placed on surfaces such as wheelchairs, beds, couches, and car seats as added extra protection.  It can also deliver the needed absorbency on its own for liquids, reducing odors, and controlling bacteria.

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