Calmoseptine Oinment 4oz 12 tubes/box

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Calmoseptine® Ointment was originally developed by a pharmacist for use as a diaper rash ointment for infants.Since its introduction 80years ago, many other uses have been found.The following list has been compiled from feedback from doctors, nurses and other health care professionals who have used Calmoseptine® Ointment.

  • Diaper Rash in Full-Term Infants through AdultsSkin Protection in Incontinent AdultsRelieves Pain and Helps Promote Healing
  • Skin Protection around Feeding and Drainage Tube Sites
  • Protection for Peri-wound Skin
  • Pain and Itch Relif in Lymphedema and Venous Stasis conditions – Calmoseptine® Ointment can be used under compression therapy
  • Stage 1 Pressure UlcersMinor Burns, Cuts, Scrapes
  • Skin Folds, other moist areas subject to funcal infections
  • Perianal Soreness and DermatitisInsect Bites
  • Eczema and PsoriasisContact Dermatitis including Poison Oak and Poison IvyRectal Itch; Hemorrhoids; Anal Fissures
  • Perianal Protection with Ileoanal Reservoirs (J-pouches)

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