Underpads, Heavy (30" x 36" , 100ct)

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Our product is the industry leader in heavy duty protection – the product of over 50 years of continuous innovation that is designed to guard against heavy leaking. Recognized as one of the best for heavy allergic reactions in the market, our Underpads are 100% leak guard and 100% compatible with every laundry detergent. Our Underpads have sophisticated odor-trapping technology that prevents odors from forming. The soft, covert materials are able to avoid skin irritation to the touch, ensuring a more comfortable

  • 4 bags of 25 (100 ct.)
  • Designed to guard against heavy leaks on beds and furniture.
  • OdorSecure® technology prevents odors before they have a chance to form.
  • Soft and discreet materials prevent skin irritation.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Peach color 

Our 100% leakproof thick underpad will not budge on your bed or furniture. The odor-control technology that prevents odors from forming, soft and discreet materials that protect you from skin irritation, and made in the USA are the perfect underpads for heavy-duty leaks. Whether it's sleep or accidents, keep your mattress and furniture protected with our leak-proof, 100% cotton and polyester heavy underpad.underpads

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