Durable Medical Equipment Questions Answered Evergreen International Group (EIGShop)

Durable Medical Equipment Questions Answered

Doctors and manufacturers are working together to develop and construct innovative equipment that eases the lives of seniors. This new equipment gives seniors the ability to move freely around their homes and live comfortably and happily.

What Is considered Durable Medical Equipment?

Durable Medical Equipment (DME) is equipment that serves a medical purpose, can withstand repeated use, is appropriate to use in the home, and is useless to someone who isn't sick or injured. 

What DME products do you carry?

Our core products include:

  • Canes and/or Crutches
  • Commodes/Urinals/Bedpans
  • Hospital Beds; Manual and Electric
  • Nebulizer Equipment and/or Supplies
  • Oxygen Equipment and/or Supplies
  • Patient Lifts
  • Walkers
  • Wheelchair Seating Cushions
  • Wheelchairs
  • Low Air, Low Mattress
  • APP and PAD System

All products with descriptions can be found on the Eva Care Inc. website.

Is DME covered by Medicare? 

Medicare will cover medically necessary DME with a prescription from a doctor. Eva Care Inc. is an approved DME supplier and medicare provider. 

What if I have private insurance or no insurance?

Examine the terms of your plan to see if your insurer covers DME. Private plans may require you to buy your equipment from a specific supplier or brand. If you do not have medical insurance, we offer our services at an affordable out-of-pocket cost. 

Is there a brochure or catalog of all durable medical equipment sold by Evergreen International Group? 

Yes our brochure can be found here. Please visit Eva Care Inc. Durable Medical Equipment  to search for products. 

I still have questions about what qualifies. Where can I read more?

More information can be found here on the medicare.gov website.

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